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Secondary Tuition Singapore is part of the largest integrated education network that will prepare students for the future challenges. Given the increased complexity of problems at the local and global levels, the current and future generations of students are expected to possess vast knowledge in many fields as well as skills to overcome the challenges. As such, Secondary Tuition Singapore seeks to become one of the centralized platform for students to access education-related resources and improve their academic capabilities. At the end of the day, as educators, we strive to realise the goals of students.

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O Level Tuition Programmes

Attain mastery in your studies with our diverse secondary tuition programmes

Our secondary tuition classes cover a broad scope of subjects that students may take in their O and N Level education. The lessons are conducted at the featured secondary tuition centres located in different parts of Singapore. Under the guidance of experienced tutors, students will develop critical thinking skills that are essential in meeting the exam requirements. The secondary tuition programmes are comprehensive as they comprise of class activities like topical re-teaching, content enrichment, and skills integration. In preparation for the examination, students will undergo rigorous class practices to build up their familiarity in handling different question types. By the end of the educational journey, students will be both confident and competent in their studies, such that they can excel at the O and N Level examination.

Following the primary English education, students who join our secondary English tuition programme will expand their coverage of the language studies by exploring various components to refine their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. For the written aspect, students will cover situational writing, continuous writing, open-ended comprehension, and visual-text comprehension. For the listening and speaking skills development, students are required to undertake listening comprehension questions answering as well as oral communication. Under the guidance of our English tutors, students will build up their capabilities through consistent class practice sessions.  

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As one of the core subjects that students are required to take, students taking A and E Math will be introduced to more definitive mathematical concepts that may appear daunting and abstract to comprehend. As such, our secondary math tuition classes will bring in real world applications as examples to help students to relate the concepts more effectively. By understanding how these concepts are used in various scenarios, including at the personal level, students will benefit from the improvements in memory retention. In addition, the inclusion of numerous class practices will prepare the students more adequately for the wide variety of questions that can be tested at the O and N Level math examinations.

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Before students advance from lower to upper secondary level, they will explore the field of science, albeit in a more fundamental sense. For those who join our lower secondary science tuition classes, they will undergo topical revision to attain a clearer understanding of the scientific concepts and processes. To value-add the learning experience of students beyond the classrooms, our tutors will conduct simplified and guided experiments to illustrate certain processes. In addition, the emphasis of specific key terms will aid students in raising the quality of answers for the exam preparation phase.

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Students taking Chemistry at the upper secondary level will learn about the various chemical processes that have many daily life and industrial applications. Due to the diversity of questions, our secondary chemistry tuition will provide a more in-depth and wider coverage of topics, so that students are more than ready to meet these obstacles confidently. The tutors will facilitate the cultivation of exam-readiness by including regular timed practices for MCQs and structured questions. In the context of Chemistry, there will be higher order thinking skills questions that carry larger weightage in the examination. Therefore, the tuition programme will equip students with the necessary skills to attain the highest possible marks for these questions, thereby giving them the competitive advantage over their peers.

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The study of secondary Physics requires students to have a basic knowledge of the Physics-related processes. Given the growing complexity of questions tested, students can join our secondary Physics tuition to develop the confidence to handle these challenges. During the tuition programme, students will undergo content enrichment to derive a more comprehensive understanding of the concepts taught for each chapter. To facilitate the retention of knowledge, students are given opportunities to attempt practice questions.

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Students taking IGCSE or GCE O Level Economics can join our economics tuition programme to expand their knowledge and hone exam skills whilst preparing for the examination. Similar to the study of A Level Economics at the JC level, students will explore the many facets of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics with tutors. Topical revision is conducted to facilitate the comprehension of economic concepts. Furthermore, class practice is featured, whereby students will attempt Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Data Response Questions (DRQs), and Essay Questions. Timed practices are organized to simulate exam conditions as students can build up their confidence and proficiency.

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GCE O & N Level Syllabus

Developing a better understanding of the O and N Level syllabus

The achievement of academic success is the result of many minute, yet significant contributing factors. One such factor is the awareness of the examination requirements. Although students expect the tutors and educators at schools to provide a summary of the content covered at the respective subjects, it is encouraged that students go through the syllabus to obtain a better comprehension of what to expect in their study phase. To facilitate the ease of information access, Secondary Tuition Singapore provide an integrated method to view all the latest syllabus for the O Level subjects.

Top Sec Tuition Centres in Singapore

Discover the joy of learning at our featured secondary tuition centres in Singapore

Secondary Tuition Singapore lists notable tuition centres that conduct secondary tuition classes to hone the skills of students in preparation for the O and N Level examinations. The featured tuition centres house many experienced tutors that will motivate students to step out of their comfort zone and learn new concepts. Through consistent practice and revision of topics, students will acquire the ability to meet the exam requirements. It is through the nurturing of the passion towards the exploration of subjects that students grow and become better as inquisitive learners.

Comprehensive E learning Portals

Gain access to the largest integrated learning network in Singapore

Secondary Tuition Singapore is one of the many learning portals that form the SGEducators Learning Network. This network is the first-ever online platform that was established in Singapore to provide seamless access to education-related information in different levels, regions and subjects.

Level-specific portals

For the level-specific portals, students can find out more about the exam requirements and subjects taught at the respective levels. Given that the primary, secondary and JC levels each have their own set of study focus, these portals are handy in pinpointing the learning objectives. The educational resources will address the specific concerns shared by both parents and students.

Region-specific portals

For the region-specific portals, students and parents can access information relating to the nearby tuition centres in the vicinity. The geographical proximity of the secondary tuition centres will provide convenience to students as they refine their study habits and strategies. These regional education hubs also provide news and updates relating to the neighbourhood, so that residents (students and parents) can enrich their lives in knowing the latest happenings.

Subject-specific portals

For the subject-specific portals, students can enhance their study of the subjects by utilizing the educational resources and tips found on the sites. These learning portals are very specific in nature as they cover the various study components that are stated in the syllabus requirements. As such, the learning portals are structured and customized to suit the needs of each subject. In other words, these portals can be viewed upon as a trustworthy and more interactive alternative to school textbooks.

Education News

Enriching Minds with our Education News

Learning should not be confined to classroom teaching and textbook reading. Instead, students should explore the myriad information channels that are widely available, given the technological advancements. Digital technology has amplified the audience reach as students can now tap on smartphone apps to receive latest updates on the local and international news. In this similar vein, students are given the option to read the education-specific news and articles written by tutors and prolific writers.

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