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Bishan Tuition Centres is one of the three regional portals that features consolidated information on tuition services available in the Central region. Listed on this portal are notable and reputable Secondary tuition centres that provide classes for subjects like English, Math, Science, Economics, Social Studies and History tuition. These tuition centres are headed by experienced tutors who will bring out the best in you so that you will be able to excel in your examination

Primary Tuition Online

Getting the basics right for PSLE.

Bishan Tuition Centres features different primary tuition programmes to gear students up for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). These featured centres conduct primary English, Math and Science tuition in engaging and exam-driven ways to make sure that your child is ready.

Primary English Tuition

Develop language proficiency in understanding and using the English Language. These primary English tuition online classes will be crucial in building up your child’s Grammar and Vocabulary awareness.

Primary Math Tuition

Learn to count, think and solve during the primary Math tuition online programmes. These lessons include the review of topics like Ratio, Fractions, Whole Numbers and Angles. Try MCQs and Word Problems to get ready.

Primary Science Tuition

These primary Science tuition online lessons are useful in topical revision as your child will explore different themes like Energy, Diversity, Interactions and Cycles. Attempt challenging open-ended questions to be ready for the PSLE.

Secondary Tuition Online

Branching out subject specialisation for O Level.

Bishan Tuition Centres offers a plethora of secondary tuition programmes to prepare students for the GCE N and O Level examinations. These featured centres offer online programmes like secondary English, Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Economics tuition.

Secondary English Tuition

Be familiar with the vital areas of testing for O Level English, such as Oral Communication, Comprehension, Composition and Situational Writing. Engage in online video discussions with the tutor and learn to write well.

Secondary Chemistry Tuition

Be proficient in the O Level Chemistry concepts. Our online lessons are useful for students who are revising for topics like Experimental Chemistry, Atomic Structure and Stoichiometry. Attempt free response questions.

Lower Secondary Science Tuition

Delve deeper into the fascinating world of Science. These online learning programmes will be extremely beneficial for students who intend to take subjects like Chemistry, Biology or Physics at the Upper Secondary levels.

Secondary Physics Tuition

Join our Secondary Physics Tuition online and learn how to answer different topical questions, such as Kinetics, Dynamics, Static Electricity and Pressure. Practise multiple choice and structured questions to improve.

Secondary Math Tuition

Our featured centres conduct lower and upper secondary math tuition for students. For the latter, there are A and E Math Tuition classes as well. Learn how to solve basic and real-world applications effectively.

Secondary Biology Tuition

Analyse various topics for GCE O Level Biology through topical revision classes, such as Biological Molecules, Respiration in Humans, Transport in Flowering Plants and Molecular Genetics.

Secondary Social Studies Tuition

Be familiar with thematic issues for O Level Social Studies, like Exploring Citizenship and Governance, Living in a Diverse Society and Being Part of a Globalised World. Analyse case study and structured questions well.

Secondary Economics Tuition

Revise your Economics concepts through class discussions for topics like nature of the economic problem, opportunity cost, price determination and the market economic system.

Principles of Accounts Tuition

Join the online POA tuition and learn the key sections, like the Role of Accounting and Accounting Information System. Delve deeper by exploring topics like forms of entities, trial balance and bank reconciliation.

JC Tuition Online

Developing critical thinking skills for A Level.

Bishan Tuition Centres conduct JC Tuition online programmes to prepare students for the challenges of the GCE A Level examinations. Revise various subject-specific topics and attempt class practices to review your knowledge.

GP Tuition

Learn how to write different GP essays and answer comprehension questions effectively. Our online GP Tuition programmes include the discussion of topic areas like Art, Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy and current matters.

Economics Tuition

Reinforce your Economics conceptual understanding by revising topics like Scarcity as the Central Economic Problem and Price Mechanism and its Applications. Attempt essays and case study questions for review.

JC Math Tuition

Review Pure Mathematics topics for H1 and H2 Math, such as Functions, Sequence and Series and Differentiation. Also, cover the Probability and Statistics topics like Normal distribution and Hypothesis testing.

JC Chemistry Tuition

Improve your thinking and answering skills for A Level Chemistry topics like Chemical Bonding, Gaseous State, The Periodic Table and Reaction Kinetics. Try multiple choice and free response questions to better your grades.

JC Physics Tuition

Comprehend A Level Physics topics like Kinematics, Dynamics, Forces and Gravitational Field. Attempt structured and free response questions online to assess your conceptual application skills.

JC Biology Tuition

Review your A Level Biology knowledge by reading and discussing topics like The Cell and Biomolecules of Life, Genetics and Inheritance and Biological Evolution. Try multiple choice and free response questions during lessons.

JC History Tuition

Assess your historical familiarity by engaging in online discussions with the tutor for topics like Paths to Economic Development, Global Economy and the United Nations. Write history essays and try source based case studies.

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