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The GCE A level examinations are one of the, if not most toughest periods of a JC student’s lives. The 2 years spent in Junior College are spent preparing for the A level examinations and it can be a very stressful period for students if they are not aware of the correct study techniques they can apply. With the vast amount of content and subjects each student has to cope with, there is no doubt students will have to study hard. However studying hard must come together with studying smart. Studying smart will allow students to tide through this period with ease. To acquire these useful tips and techniques, students can turn to our portal,  JC Tuition Singapore to learn more. Through our exam oriented approaches and tailored classes, we offer effective solutions for students so that they can excel in their A level examinations!

JC Tuition in Singapore

Students are often faced with the struggle of coping with the demands of the JC curriculum due to the vast amounts of content needed for each subject. Our reputable tutors will help struggling JC students ease their burdens through implementation of masterful teaching techniques that will allow students to learn and absorb more content effectively. Our JC tuition classes also give students the opportunity to broaden their horizons through class discussions, seminars and talks. Our tutors have helped countless numbers of students achieve As in their examinations and they are trusted by many students. Come take a look at some of our programmes below.

JC General Paper Tuition

Tutors of general paper tuition will focus on exposing students to varied perspectives across various national, regional and global issues while at the same time developing their writing skills.

JC Economics Tuition

In JC economics tuition, tutors will train students up to develop the critical thinking and writing skills needed to excel in the economics paper.

JC Mathematics Tuition

Our JC mathematics tutors will make sure students are well versed in all mathematical concepts. Students will be introduced to a wide range of question types to raise their proficiency in the subject.

JC History Tuition

During the study of history at the JC level, tutors will guide students through the analysis and evaluation of historical experiences so as to allow students to better

JC Chemistry Tuition

Our JC chemistry tuition programme constantly seeks new ways to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their chemistry papers.

JC Physics Tuition

In the study of JC physics, tutors will help guide students through the different concepts, formulas and definitions so they will be able to master and apply whatever they have learnt to their examinations confidently.

Features of JC Tuition Singapore

How JC Tuition Singapore helps secondary students to adapt to JC education.

By relying on our vast pool of information on our region specific portal, you will be able to locate reliable and credible tuition centres that suit every style of learning. Under the tutelage of our accomplished tutors, you can be assured of a quality education at the secondary level. We also rely on a number of online learning resources to help you make better choices when it comes to choosing the right tuition centre.

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Our featured tuition centres will help each student cultivate critical thinking, promote independent learning, and grasp real world examples. Cultivating critical thinking skills is at the core of our specialties. We help students to write proficiently, and to be more articulate and expressive through causation, rebuttals and perspective analysis. We believe that promoting independent learning is one step towards developing a holistic education. By encouraging self directed learning beyond the four walls of the classroom, it teaches students initiative and responsibility. Lastly, comprehending real world examples will aid students to bridge the gap between conceptual knowledge and empirical evidence. Through this, students will learn how to apply these concepts to come up with solutions to real world problems. On top of that, our teachers are committed to providing constant advice and guidance to students taking their A levels.

E-Learning for JC Tuition

The study of A Level subjects can be refined and improved on with the use of e-learning and educational videos. These are some of the distinctive features of our JC tuition programme that will make learning fun and effective at the same time. For example, our JC economics e-learning videos explain to students how sustainable economic growth can be attained with the demand-side and supply-side policy implementation. Besides, the tutors also ensure that the videos are useful for exam preparation as exemplified by the reference to past examination questions, coupled with the elaboration of points in answering these questions.

JC Education News

JC education news is all about empowering JC students to venture out of their comfort zones to get to know more about what is happening around them and in the JC education scene. We cover everything from education news to the latest trends among the JC populace.

Career & Academic Guidance

JC students are often faced with the dilemma of not knowing what to specialise in when they enter university or when they pursue further studies. This is a key concern amongst many students and parents, that is why we provide academic and career guidance for all JC students so that they will have a better idea on their strengths and abilities, allowing them to have a clearer picture on what to specialise on in future.

JC Tuition Centres in Singapore

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Students can sign up with our featured JC tuition centre. These tuition centres offer well-structured teaching curriculum that are exam-focused as the tutors will emphasize on the development of essential exam techniques to raise the quality of answers. Also, the motivated tutors will identify the mistakes that students make and suggest feasible solutions to overcome them. Through the rigorous practice sessions conducted at these JC tuition centres, students can build their confidence and acquire the necessary skills to succeed at the A Level examinations.

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