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Primary Tuition Singapore gives students who are starting out primary education a head start as compared to their peers through providing them with comprehensive educational materials and guidance tailored for their level so as to help students adjust to the demands of learning English, Math and Science. Primary Tuition Singapore also allows parents to browse established tuition centres in Singapore. The tutors listed are experts at making sure their students acclimatize and adapt to the rigours of classroom learning on top of the requirements of the examinable subjects.

Pri English Tuition

Tutors will assist students in the study of primary english through the use of creative teaching methods to impart students with grammar and vocabulary skills.

Pri Maths Tuition

Our primary math tutors strive to build up in students, a strong foundation in math at the beginning stage through comprehensive teaching methods and rigorous practice.

Pri Science Tuition

Tutors in our Primary Science Tuition classes will aim to introduce scientific concepts, definitions and formulas to students in an engaging manner so as to be able to spark their interest in the subject.

Features of Primary Tuition Singapore

Why Primary Tuition Singapore is different from other tuition centres?

Primary Tuition Singapore offers a specialized portal that gives parents and students a wide range of tuition programmes from only the best tuition centres in Singapore to choose from. Our featured tuition centres all share the common goal of allowing every student to have a holistic learning experience. As such fun-filled classroom activities, interactive lessons and even field trips are constantly being organised to better pique the interest of Primary students. Moreover, we provide crucial information about the changing landscape of Singapore’s education system, how it affects parents and students, in addition to the measures that one can take to successfully overcome the challenges faced in this intricate system.

Say no to boring lessons

Students that enroll in the featured tuition centres on our portal will be guaranteed fun-filled, interactive classes that aim to engage students’ interest in learning. These classes differ from the majority of tuition providers that focus on traditional learning and teaching methods which do not help students retain important concepts or learn crucial skills that will aid the later years of education.  In essence, the unorthodox methods of the featured tuition centres are spearheading the change in tuition services provided in Singapore towards a pedagogy that has greater effectiveness.

Get updated on PSLE syllabus changes

The PSLE syllabus changes every 5 to 10 years and most of the time, such updates are presented to readers in a chunky, difficult to understand manner. That is why Primary Tuition Singapore does the job for you and summarises changes in syllabus in a concise and reader-friendly report, allowing parents and students to have a better understanding about the requirements of the current syllabus It is important that parents and students alike must be aware of the changes made within the syllabus so as to better understand the requirements of the subject.

Get the latest education news here

Here at Primary Tuition Singapore, we do not only provide you with educational materials but we also provide you with firsthand news about the Primary education scene in Singapore. Topics include how to prepare your child for Primary school, tips on choosing a secondary school after PSLE, as well as how to manage stress for students taking their PSLE.

Featured Tuition Centres

Get holistic education at our featured tuition centres

We can confidently and proudy say that our featured primary tuition centres in our portal are the best tuition providers in Singapore. This is because our tuition centres, headed by reputable tutors are passionate and dedicated to providing every student with a holistic education. This means that tutors are not only focused on a student’s grades, but also on his/her well-being. They offer a myriad of programmes ranging from weekly tuition classes to intensive revision programmes closer to the date of examination.

SGEducators Learning Network

Access the integrated education hub!

Primary Tuition Singapore is part of SGEducators, the education learning network that makes up Singapore’s premier integrated education hub. SGEducators links all registered tuition centres in Singapore under a centralised portal for parents and students to have easier access so that parents and students are better informed about the various tuition programmes available to them. We strive to bridge the information gap that parents have about tuition services, and the information that tuition centres provide on the internet. In fact, the information that we provide has been able to help numerous parents make their choice about which tuition centre is best suited to their child’s needs.

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