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Excel with us at Tampines Tuition Centre

Tampines Tuition Centre is a portal that features all the reputable tuition centres located in the East of Singapore – Tampines, Pasir Ris, Bedok, Simei. We specialize in combining a variety of factors – location, student learning styles, current knowledge level of students – to help you find the tuition centre that best suits your child’s needs. You can get up to date information on the popularity and effectiveness of existing tuition centres through testimonials and reviews updated regularly on our site. You can also read up on the newest tuition centres in the East side.

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Features of our Sec Tuition Programmes

How TTC prepares your child for success at the secondary level?

Tampines Tuition Centre consists of a comprehensive portal that allows secondary students to view all registered and reputable tuition centres in the east side of Singapore. Through this you can have a complete view of what each tuition centre offers – subjects, workshops, field trips etc. Additionally, students living in the east will have an unparalleled edge in terms of convenience and accessibility when it comes to attending tuition classes that are a part of our featured tuition centres. Our featured panel of tuition centres offer a wide range of tuition programmes that cover all 3 levels of education, Primary, Secondary, Junior College. You can also know more about syllabus requirements and the latest subject news through accessing our portal. Moreover, Tampines Tuition Centre is part of an integrated education hub that is a leader in the E-Learning sector of Singapore. We provide easy access to learning and education news by allowing students and parents to view all registered tuition centres –split by region and educational level – across Singapore.

Tuition programmes for everyone

Here at Tampines tuition centres, we allow you to register for tuition programmes across all registered tuition centres in Tampines, Pasir Ris, Bedok and Simei. Our list of featured tuition centres is useful for students and parents who are looking for established tuition classes that are within close proximity. We provide detailed information on subject specific matters so that parents and students can make more informed choices.

Know Firsthand, of any Key syllabus changes

Knowing what the syllabus requires of you allows you to plan for your time, and to allow you to know where and when to focus your energy on. At Tampines Tuition Centres, we have summarised such key syllabus changes in a concise manner to make it more presentable and understandable for the reader. We also analyse the impacts such syllabus changes has on the student, parent and even teacher. Being well versed in this area ensures students will be able to cater their learning to better suit the rigour and requirements of the new syllabus.

Online Learning on TTC Portal

Tampines Tuition Centres relies heavily on the use of E-learning to enhance and enrich our tuition classes to make it more enjoyable and fruitful for our students. Education is slowly steering away from its more primitive and traditional forms of teaching and learning. Instead it is increasing its dependence on technology to better help students with their learning. Studies have shown that traditional learning methods are not an effective tool for long term retention of knowledge. In fact, it has been proven that teaching methods that involve interaction is key to a student being able to focus and retain the information being taught. As the teaching pedagogy shifts towards a technology driven one, Tampines Tuition Centre has worked to embrace this change wholeheartedly by developing and introducing our very own E-learning programme, Mobile Learners and our own mobile application SGEducators to give users access to educational materials and information anytime, anywhere.

Our Tampines Hub

Ever wondered about what’s happening around Tampines? About new tuition centres, schools, shopping malls, events etc? Hop on over to our Tampines Tuition Centres website to find out all about what’s new around the area. Here at Tampines Tuition Centre, we have a frequent roundup of all the news and happenings in Tampines town, bringing you closer to Our Tampines Hub.

Top Tuition Centres in Tampines

Get connected to the best tuition centres in Tampines, Simei and Pasir Ris.

Our tuition centres in Tampines are one of the best in the neighbourhood and in Singapore. Tuition centres are headed by tutors who are passionate about helping students excel in their studies. They are also concerned with nurturing them and providing them with a holistic education so students can grow in other areas as well. Tampines tuition centres provide tuition for all levels, primary, secondary and JC.

Secondary Tuition in Tampines

Undergo exam preparation with our secondary tuition classes

Secondary tuition classes are offered around the Tampines region. These tuition classes are featured on our website because they offer tuition services that have benefitted countless numbers of students over the years. Our tutors are committed to only delivering the best tuition services to students so they can benefit fully from it.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - Sec English Tuition

Sec English Tuition

Students undergoing secondary english tuition will be able to hone their skills in comprehension and essay writing through topical practices that will help prepare them for academic distinction in the subject.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - Sec Mathematics Tuition

Sec Maths Tuition

During secondary math tuition, tutors will allow students the opportunity to practice and apply whatever they have been taught so that they will be prepared for any math question that comes their way.  

Secondary Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - Sec Economics Tuition

Sec Economics Tuition

Economics at the secondary level is taught by our tutors in a manner that is engaging yet fruitful.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - Lower Sec Science Tuition

Lower Sec Science Tuition

Lower Secondary Science tuition strives to introduce students to scientific concepts in a fun and engaging manner. Tutors do so through various methods such as engaging students in group discussions and experiments.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - Sec Chemistry Tuition

Sec Chemistry Tuition

Secondary chemistry tuition programmes are structured in exam oriented ways to help students prepare comprehensively for their physics examinations. Here students will be provided with a wealth of chemistry related materials to enforce their understanding.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - Sec Physics Tuition

Sec Physics Tuition

Secondary physics tuition programmes are exam oriented and they allow students to prepare thoroughly for the physics examinations. Here students will be provided with a wealth of physics related materials to enforce their understanding.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - Sec History Tuition

Sec History Tuition

The study of history at the secondary level can be a difficult task for some due to the sheer amount of content. However our tutors are here to help ease your burdens and provide you with the correct techniques needed to ace the examination.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - JC Tuition in Tampines

JC Tuition in Tampines

A good number of featured JC tuition centres are displayed on our website. JC education is undoubtedly one of the most advanced and important periods in any student’s lives and we take it very seriously. Our JC tuition classes are focused on preparing students for their examinations and planned in ways so that learning is made more effective for all students. With the help of reputable tutors, JC students will be able to overcome any obstacle to achieve outstanding grades.

Cultivate the passion for learning

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