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Secondary and JC Maths Tuition

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JC Maths Tuition specialises in the provision of H1 and H2 Math Tuition programmes for JC students preparing for the GCE A Level examinations. Additionally, secondary students can enroll in the E Math or A Math Tuition to be ready for the GCE O Level examinations.

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Benefits of the Math Tuition

By joining the JC Math Tuition programme, you can access the following benefits to develop the competence and tackle a wide range of Math questions effectively. In this programme, you will receive concise study notes for organised learning, grasp Math concepts via class discussions and refine your answering methods through class practices.

Receive concise study notes

Given that there are many areas of learning, students may feel apprehensive towards the study of A Level Mathematics. As such, our JC Math Tuition programme offers study materials that summarise key points for each topic.

Grasp Math concepts well

Attend the class discussion and engage the JC Math Tutor to understand concepts effectively. More importantly, you will learn how to relate these concepts to real-world applications as test questions feature such aspects.

Refine your answering methods

Develop proficient skills in handling myriad Math questions during class practices. Timed practices are vital in ensuring that you have the ability to derive the solutions within the given timeframe in examinations.

Our Tuition Programmes

Secondary and JC Maths Tuition.

Our Math Tuition classes cover critical topics so that you can handle your homework and examination questions well. These lessons are exam-driven as the Math tutor ensures that you have the tools to answer basic and integrated questions.

Secondary Math Tuition

Find out more about the ongoing and upcoming A and E Math Tuition classes. Intensive revision lessons are to be held during the school holidays and before the major examination weeks.

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JC Math Tuition

Regular JC Math Tuition classes are offered to JC students taking either H1 or H2 Mathematics. Classes will also be conducted during the school holidays as well as periods nearing examinations like Promotional and Preliminary examinations.

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Grasp Math concepts well.

Get started in this enriching learning experience now.

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