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JC Tuition Singapore is a level-specific tuition portal that features a list of tuition centres with JC tuition programmes for students who require additional support. Given the vast depth and range of content that JC students are expected to be familiar with, our learning portal has include both online and offline means to guide students through this challenging but life-changing experience.


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What we provide?

Students are often faced with the struggle of coping with the demands of the JC curriculum due to the vast amounts of content needed for each subject. Our reputable tutors will help struggling JC students ease their burdens through implementation of masterful teaching techniques that will allow students to learn and absorb more content effectively. Our JC tuition classes also give students the opportunity to broaden their horizons through class discussions, seminars and talks. Our tutors have helped countless numbers of students achieve As in their examinations and they are trusted by many students. Come take a look at some of our programmes below.

GP Tuition

Learn to answer GP essay and comprehension questions effectively via online video discussions with the JC GP Tutors. Then, broaden your scope of learning by attempting outline practices that are reviewed by the tutors.

Economics Tuition

Develop economic acumen by joining the H2 or H1 Economics Tuition programmes offered by the featured centres in this portal. Discuss industry-specific cases and real world issues to apply your concepts well.

JC Math Tuition

Be proficient in answering A Level Math questions by revising different topics such as Linear Regression, Sequence and Series and Complex Numbers. Consult our JC Math Tutors to clarify your doubts to be ready.

JC Chemistry Tuition

Review your knowledge of A Level Chemistry concepts through online video classes. Learn from JC Chemistry Tutors by paying attention to how they explain each vital concept. Interpret experimental setups in practices.

JC History Tuition

Diversify your means of learning by utilising our online learning resources to understand History themes such as the Cold War and the United Nations. Attempt essay and source based case study questions and get feedback.

China Studies in English Tuition

Explore the political, economic and social perspectives of modern China after 1978. Learn to answer source based case study and essay questions effectively by observing how the tutors organise and write the outlines.

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This portal hosts a series of education centres that provide classes. Receive study notes and practices to make learning more productive. With the combined efforts of your diligence and our technical expertise, success is definitely within your reach.

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