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Secondary Tuition Singapore is one of the three level-specific tuition portals that support our integrated education ecosystem. The remaining two portals are Primary Tuition Singapore and JC Tuition Singapore. As their names suggest, these portals are meant to address the level-specific concerns of students and parents as they plan and prepare for the PSLE, O Level and A Level examinations.

Primary Tuition Singapore

The building blocks of early education.

Primary Tuition Singapore offers a variety of learning resources, such as concise study notes, visually-attractive videos and informative articles. Its purpose is to raise awareness on the vital education matters in Singapore. Being positioned in the virtual landscape has its advantages as such resources are freely accessible to anyone.

In addition, this learning portal hosts a multitude of tuition centres that offer primary English, Math and Science tuition programmes. Students can enroll in these classes to receive guidance and support from professional educators.

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JC Tuition Singapore

Pre-tertiary education for motivated learners.

Our featured centres utilise eLearning means to motivate students to explore different subjects in meaningful ways. We have live-streamed classes for student-tutor engagement and a Virtual Whiteboard.

Besides, you can explore the portal to seek out centres that conduct a wide range of classes, such as GP, Economics, JC Chemistry, Physics, Biology and History Tuition. During school holidays, you can enroll in the Crash Courses to accelerate your learning.

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Acing the A Level is achievable.

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