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Primary Tuition Singapore is a specialised learning portal to support every child’s journey as they explore the three core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. Within this portal, you can gather insights on what are the vital areas of consideration when preparing your child for the PSLE.

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Tuition Programmes

Our featured learning programmes.

Primary Tuition Singapore gives students who are starting out primary education a head start as compared to their peers through providing them with comprehensive educational materials and guidance tailored for their level so as to help students adjust to the demands of learning English, Math and Science.

Primary English Tuition

Develop basic language proficiency by learning how to read and write in English for different real world situations like at school or home. Our featured programmes include the study of Grammar and Vocabulary building.

Primary Math Tuition

Be proficient in the PSLE Math topics like Fractions, Ratios and Algebra. Our classes include topical revision as well as intensive class practices to assess the answering skills of every student.

Primary Science Tuition

Explore the fascinating field of Science through real-time video discussions with the Science tutors for themes like Interactions, Cycles and Energy. These classes include knowledge application via multiple choice questions.

Primary School Holiday Programmes

The school holidays are the ideal period for students to explore new ideas. As such, our featured centres also offer enrichment workshops, such as Writing an Email or trying out a simple science experiment.

Featured Tuition Centres

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This portal hosts a series of education centres that provide classes. Receive study notes and practices to make learning more productive. With the combined efforts of your diligence and our technical expertise, success is definitely within your reach.

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