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Economics Focus

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Secondary students can join Economics Focus to prepare for the O Level examinations more effectively. This secondary tuition centre was set up by prolific economics tutor Simon Ng, who has been in this teaching route since 2003. Under the leadership and guidance of Simon, the economic tutors are committed to providing quality education to students.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - Economics Focus Bishan - Logo

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Simon Ng
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Our Sec Tuition Programmes

Excel in your O Level examinations with our secondary Economics tuition programmes

Economics Focus conducts secondary tuition classes for students in preparation for the examination. Given the broad range of subjects that students are required to study, it can be perceived as a tedious and challenging task to undertake. As such, Economics Focus provides a comprehensive and exam-oriented solution to help students to surmount these challenges.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - Economics Focus Bishan - Sec Economics Tuition

Sec Economics Tuition

Economics Focus provides economics tuition for students taking the following subjects: Cambridge O Level Economics (2281), GCE O Level Economics (2286), and IGCSE Economics (0455). While these subjects are targeted for both local and international educational institutions, the syllabus content and examination format are similar. With the vast teaching experience of the tutors, they have been effective in streamlining the focus of study and improving the quality and accuracy of answers, thereby enabling students to ace the examinations.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - Economics Focus Bishan - Concise Revision Notes

Concise Revision Notes

Our economics tuition programme have several distinctive features that are beneficial to students in their preparation for the examinations. One such feature is the provision of concise revision notes that will reduce the time spent on sorting out the content to study for. The tutors consistently refine and update the content of the notes to ensure that students have the best possible set of relevant materials to refer to during their pre-exam revision phase.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - Economics Focus Bishan - Topical Re-Teaching

Topical Re-Teaching

Another key aspect of our economics tuition is the conduct of topical re-teaching, from Economics Introduction to Microeconomics and Macroeconomics in which the tutors cover the critical areas of study for every chapter in a progressive manner, so that students can cope with the pace of learning. The lessons are complemented with short class practices, comprising of multiple choice questions, data response questions (DRQ or case study questions), and essay questions. The questions are made relevant and specific to the lesson conducted in the sessions, so that students can reinforce their understanding of economic concepts.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - Economics Focus Bishan - Intensive Revision Programme

Intensive Revision Programme

The third feature is the intensive revision programme to facilitate exam preparation. Following adequate topical content re-teaching, the tutors will consolidate the comprehension of concepts and re-structure the knowledge to suit exam questions. In particular, students will be exposed to a wide range of questions types in the three key formats (MCQ, DRQ and essays), so as to build familiarity and confidence to handle the rigors of the examination.

JC Tuition Programmes

Excel in A Level with our JC tuition classes

Aside from the secondary tuition programme, Economics Focus provides JC tuition classes that are focused on the comprehension of concepts and skills-based application. The tutors are determined to help students to overcome their study-related shortcomings and excel in the A Level examinations.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - Economics Focus Bishan - JC Economics Tuition

JC Economics Tuition programme

Students that join our economics tuition programme will be introduced to a broad range of class features that will enhance their learning process. Students taking H1 and H2 Economics will be equipped with exam-oriented study strategies that will reduce the time spent on the content revision for the A Level Economics examination.  

In view of the updates to the A Level Economics syllabus, students will be introduced to the key changes made and how they can prepare for the examination effectively. JC economics tutors provide concise study materials that are useful in helping students to undergo factor identification, diagrammatical analysis, and impact evaluation. To maximise the effectiveness of revision, students can utilize the notes to practise their essay writing and case study questions.

In addition, students can augment their understanding of economics concepts by undergoing regular class practice that will assess the competency level of students in tackling economics questions. To pinpoint the key areas of improvement, the economics tutors will separate the practices into two key components: the development of economics essay writing skills and case study questions answering techniques. Students will learn how to write develop paragraphs and provide clear process explanation. Under the guidance of the tutors, students will identify their mistakes and acquire the eye for detail, such that they can provide well-thought out answers.

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