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Guiding students to develop Sensible Minds

Secondary students taking O Level examination can enrol in to receive close guidance and monitoring from motivated and experienced tutors. One of the key objectives for the founding of is to help students to develop the appreciation towards learning, so as to become competent in handling the challenges of the examination. Under the guidance of super tutor Simon Ng, our team of educators are committed in bringing out the best in students as we embark on an experiential and memorable academic journey together.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - General Paper Bishan - Logo

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Our Sec Tuition Programmes

Build up your exam confidence with our secondary tuition by conducts secondary tuition classes that are focused on the acquisition of exam-friendly skills and study habits, so that students have a clearer direction on how to prepare and sit for the examination. Following the primary level of education, students are faced with the need to handle the surge in number of subjects to study for at the secondary level. Given the finite time that students possess to revise for each subject, it can be a stressful experience for them. Therefore, students can seek guidance from the tutors during the secondary tuition classes.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - General Paper Bishan - Sec English Tuition

Sec English Tuition

Students can sign up for our secondary english tuition classes and learn from experienced tutors, who will impart essential thinking and writing skills to become exam-ready for the O Level English examination. Given that the transition from primary to secondary english may appear daunting for some students, the tuition programme will be conducted in an instructive and progressive way. The english tutors will introduce to students the key parts of the examination, particularly comprehension, situational writing, and continuous writing.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - General Paper Bishan - Sec English Tuition Regular Class Practices

Regular Class Practices

One distinctive feature of the secondary English tuition programme is the conduct of regular class practices that are focused on the cultivation of skills-based application. As observed by tutors, the common mistake that students make in studying for O Level English is the lack of practice. As a result, students do not have the ability to provide relevant answers to the comprehension questions and continuous writing components. Hence, tutors at place considerable emphasis on class practice, in comparison to the study of examination format and discussion of topics.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - General Paper Bishan - Sec English Tuition Close Guidance and Monitoring

Close Guidance & Monitoring

Another feature of the secondary English tuition programme is the provision of close guidance and monitoring by the English tutors. To address the concerns shared by parents on the inadequacy of attention given to students at schools, possibly due to the large class size, the secondary English tuition classes will be conducted with the availability of consultation. Students can seek clarification with the tutors during and after classes. For example, tutors will help students to identify the errors in the continuous writing component by examining their past essays. Then, the provision of feedback and methods to improve essay writing will value-add the learning process of students.

JC Tuition Programmes

Junior College Tuition Programme by

On top of the availability of secondary tuition, students taking the A Level examinations can sign up with to enrol in our JC tuition classes. For the pre-tertiary level of education, it represents the end of the 12-year educational journey for many students. Also, the A Level examination signifies a critical juncture that requires students to excel in the tests in order to advance to tertiary education in local or foreign universities. As such, the high-stakes and competitive examinations are to be handled with a thorough study plan. Therefore, specializes in the preparation of A Level examination and features useful resources to match the syllabus requirements.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - General Paper Bishan - JC GP Tuition

JC General Paper Tuition programme

Cultivate effective writing skills with our GP tuition

Secondary Tuition Singapore - General Paper Bishan - JC GP Tuition Thematic-Based Discussions

Thematic-Based Discussion

Students will be introduced to an effective study method that involves thematic-based discussion during the GP tuition programme. As stated by Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) GP syllabus, students are to examine specific issues, such as environment, science and technology, and globalization. Given the vast coverage of content for these topics, the GP tutors have structured the lessons by themes, so that students can undertake a more in-depth study of these areas. At the same time, students will learn how to apply their knowledge to examination questions, which is an essential aspect of the exam-friendly curriculum.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - General Paper Bishan - JC GP Tuition Educational Videos

Educational Videos

Another feature is the usage of educational videos to enrich the study of General Paper. In comparison to traditional models of learning, such as the reliance on physical notes, the online videos are visually attractive and appealing to the senses. Students will watch these videos to advance their understanding of issues, such as the complexity of dealing with environmental pollution. The strength of these videos is that they can capture the message and emphasize specific key terms that students can use for their essays and comprehension answers. Besides, drawing comparisons to recent real world examples will bring life to the study of GP for students as they can relate better to the ideas mentioned.

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