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Cultivating the spirit of inquisitiveness

In preparation for the O Level examinations, secondary students can sign up for the humanities tuition offered at This secondary tuition centre was established by tutors, who focus on the cultivation of effective writing skills by hinging on the inquisitive nature of 21st Century learners. Akin to adolescents, who are the prime examples of inquisitive individuals, tutors believe that the students should retain that characteristic to excel in their studies. As such, the secondary tuition programme offered at this tuition centre will not only impart skills, but also inspire students to become independent learners that thirst for knowledge beyond the predefined boundaries set by the syllabus.

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Our Sec Tuition Programmes

Secondary tuition programmes offered at

Secondary students taking humanities subjects, such as social studies and history, can join the secondary tuition programme at to bring their exam grades to a higher level. Generally, O Level Humanities education revolves around the cultivation of analytical skills that become the critical tool that all individuals are expected to possess in this uncertain world. Given the influx of information at excessive levels, students taking humanities are to learn to discern information that is useful and relevant from the rest. As it can be an uphill task for students, our secondary humanities tuition programme is structured in ways to achieve the above-mentioned goals, in order to meet the challenges.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - JC History Tuition Bishan - Sec History Tuition

Sec History Tuition

Students that join our secondary history tuition will examine the historical developments in meticulous ways that enable them to pick out the crux of issues. Throughout the tuition programme, students will develop observation and thinking skills that allow them to process information faster. At the same time, students are taught how to express their points in organized ways so that the examiners can follow the flow of thought easily, thereby raising the quality of answers.  

Secondary Tuition Singapore - JC History Tuition Bishan - Sec Social Studies Tuition

Sec Social Studies Tuition

Students who are involved in the study of social studies can join our social studies tuition to accelerate the learning process and acquire the competitive edge over their peers. During the tuition programme, students will receive exam-friendly and concise study materials that encompasses the key information that they are expected to be familiar with to answer questions. These educational resources are structured in exam-oriented ways, meaning that students can use the points and ideas listed in the notes to answer exam-type questions. This time-saving approach is effective as students can avoid browsing through numerous readings and textbooks that contain excessive and irrelevant information.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - JC History Tuition Bishan - Improving Time Management

Improving Time Management Skills

Students will improve their time management skills by undergoing regular and extensive timed practices in class. As it can be a daunting task for students to write full essays or complete source based questions on their own, the tutors will provide outlines that are useful in creating mental picture of the thought processes. This is to avoid the problem of encountering mental blocks that hinder the ability of students to plan their answers quickly.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - JC History Tuition Bishan - Nurturing Writing Skills

Nurturing Writing Skills

Another notable feature of the secondary history tuition programme is the nurturing of writing skills that will aid them in the answering of both essay and source based questions. Through active class participation and engagement with the tutors, students will develop opinionated thinking, which means that they are able to form ideas quickly and express the ideas on paper. Furthermore, tutors will illustrate specific writing techniques through sample essays written by students, so that students can learn from them. With consistent practice, students will develop the confidence and competency in handling the rigors of the O Level History examination.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - JC History Tuition Bishan - Guidance from Tutors

Guidance from Tutors

Students in our tuition will receive guidance from tutors, who are committed in unlocking the hidden learning potential of students. As tutors are experienced in this field of humanities, they are able to identify the common errors and misconceptions that students are likely to have while studying the subject. As such, students in the tuition programme can seek guidance and consultation from the tutors during and after class. Also, by assessing the answers of students, the tutors can provide constructive feedback and feasible solutions for students to correct their errors. Hence, students will have a clearer direction on how and what to study whilst in preparation for the Social Studies examination.

JC Tuition Programmes

Junior College Tuition Programme by

Students taking the A Level examination can enrol in our JC tuition classes that are focused on the conduct of humanities programme, so that students are exam ready. The study of A Level Humanities subjects is a partial continuation of the skills taught at the O Level. Although the content covered at the O Level Humanities subjects is distinctly different, the skills used remains relevant and essential. As such, conducts the tuition programme with that consideration by refining the writing and thinking skills of students, whilst the content serves to provide context.

Secondary Tuition Singapore - JC History Tuition Bishan - JC History Tuition

JC History Tuition programme

Students taking either H1 or H2 History at the A Level will be introduced to the various topics that require in-depth analysis. As announced by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB), students will be tested on the new areas of the essay and source based questions. Nevertheless, the skills that students are expected to possess will be crucial to score at the exam.

Issue-based Discussions

One significant feature of the JC History tuition programme is the conduct of issue-based discussion that facilitates content enrichment based on the themes covered in the A Level History syllabus. By focusing on specific topics, tutors will engage students to examine and pose questions on the significance of certain historical events and developments that follow. Active class discussions are useful in helping students to acquire a better understanding of the topics. Besides, the reference to recent debates by academics relating to the discussed topics will help students to recognize the importance of these matters.

Class Practices

Another feature of the JC History tuition classes is the availability of class practices that encourage students to cultivate the habit of trying their best at every possible session. This approach originated from the feedback provided by former students, who admitted that one common mistake that students commit is reluctance to attempt questions. There is a popular misconception that reading notes would suffice in preparation for the examination. Therefore, our tutors seek to dispel the inaccurate and misleading notions held by some students by emphasizing on the importance of doing more questions. During the classes, after every issue-based discussion, students are given time to apply their knowledge to either essay or source based questions. The practices are organized into piecemeal segments that make revision manageable. Hence, thorough practice will build up the confidence and writing proficiency in handling the demands of the A Level History examination.

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