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Secondary Tuition Singapore features tuition centres that are managed by passionate tutors that will guide students towards the attainment of excellent grades at the O and N Level examinations. These secondary tuition centres offer tuition programmes that are exam-oriented. Students will enrich their learning experiences by engaging in meaningful class activities, such that desirable outcomes are achieved, namely the fostering of conceptual comprehension and skills-based application.

Features of our Sec Tuition Programmes

How students can gain from our secondary tuition programmes?

Students will be taught by experienced tutors, who have been focused on value-adding the learning process by refining the teaching approaches. During the educational journey, the tutors will inspire students to explore the various subjects enthusiastically. Amidst all the flurry of activities within the spacious classrooms, students will develop the acumen and skills to tackle basic and challenging examination questions effectively. Hence, students will be prepared to excel at the exam in exciting and memorable ways.

Develop the determination to face adversities
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It can be said that education is never a smooth-sailing journey that is devoid of obstacles. Students who join the secondary tuition programmes will learn to deal with setbacks and manage failures. Although it can be discouraging for students, tutors will emphasize on the need to remain optimistic when addressing study-related problems. For example, the secondary tuition classes are conducted with the intention to strengthen the adaptability skills to handle difficult questions at the later stages. At the end of the day, what matters is the willingness to try. Students who dare to make numerous attempts, even with occasional failures, will eventually emerge victorious in their educational pursuits.
Acquire answering techniques
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Students will be equipped with the necessary skills to tackle different types of examination questions. Given the diversity in the subjects, tutors from the respective secondary tuition programmes will each apply a differentiated set of teaching approach to meet the relevant challenges. For instance, the secondary science tuition classes will involve the teaching of scientific terminology to build up familiarity to various keywords and phrases. Students will then learn how to answer questions by utilizing scientific terms to maximise the marks attained. Furthermore, skills-based application learning will be refined and carried out during the intensive revision programme that is usually conducted during the school holidays.
Recognise and appreciate the value of education
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Although some students may take the accessibility of education for granted, it is folly to ignore the potential benefits and prospects. Students who enrol in our secondary tuition classes will be introduced to the applicability of knowledge to real world scenarios. For example, students will learn how to apply their demand and supply analysis to the comprehension of the surge in price of air tickets during peak periods. As for the study of English, students will learn how to write proposals to organize community-wide activities. From these two cases, students will discover that the knowledge acquired is useful in many ways and then learn to appreciate education.

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