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Join our Secondary Tuition programmes, featuring Secondary English Tuition, Secondary Math Tuition, Secondary A Math Tuition, Secondary Chemistry Tuition, Secondary Physics Tuition and Secondary Economics Tuition. These classes will impart you with the essential knowledge and answering techniques to prepare you for the GCE O Level examinations adequately. Furthermore, should you choose to sign up for more than one subject, you will receive discounts! Please view our class schedule below to learn more about the available time-slots. We look forward to your attendance.

Secondary Tuition Programmes

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Find out more about the Secondary Tuition classes offered at the Bishan tuition centre. Our lessons are exam-driven, meaning that you will be prepared adequately to meet the demand of the GCE O Level examinations.

Secondary English Tuition Singapore

Secondary English Tuition

Join the Secondary English Tuition and learn to read unseen information analytically and write expressively. We teach students how to tackle the essential parts of the GCE O Level English questions effectively through the development of English Comprehension and Composition Writing skills.

Secondary Math Tuition Singapore

Secondary Math Tuition

Sign up for the Secondary Math Tuition and Secondary A Math Tuition to be ready for the rigours of the GCE O Level Math examinations. We teach students to think carefully and plan their answers before answering them. Also, we use a vast question bank to prepare them thoroughly.

Secondary Chemistry Tuition Singapore

Secondary Chemistry Tuition

Join the Secondary Chemistry Tuition to be ready for the GCE O Level Chemistry examinations. We teach students to read the questions and consider varying approaches to answer the multiple choice and structured questions effectively.

Secondary Economics Tuition Singapore

Secondary Economics Tuition

Sign up for the Secondary Economics Tuition, which feature the development of exam-friendly answering techniques through the discussion and practice of questions. You will learn to answer multiple choice, case study and short essay questions through regular practice sessions.

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