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Tampines Tuition Centres is one of our regional portals that underpin the overarching online education ecosystem. It features a variety of tuition centres situated in the East, such as Tampines, Simei, Bedok, Katong and Pasir Ris. Also, these centres offer primary, secondary and JC tuition programmes to ensure that you receive guidance and support throughout our path to success.

Primary Tuition Online

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Enroll your child in the primary tuition programmes offered by our exclusive centres to be prepared for the rigorous PSLE. These centres conduct primary English, Math and Science tuition classes that include online learning means to make learning enjoyable to all.

Primary English Tuition

Learn how to answer Grammar and Vocabulary MCQs as well as other PSLE English sections like Cloze Passage and Comprehension to be ready.

Primary Math Tuition

Understand the critical topics for PSLE Math such as Whole Numbers, Fractions and Ratio to answer short and long answer questions effectively.

Primary Science Tuition

Examine PSLE Science topics such as Diversity, Energy, Cycles and Interactions to analyse experimental setups at the introductory level.

Secondary Tuition Online

Gearing up for the O Level.

The Tampines Tuition Centres portal also features secondary tuition programmes that are suitable for students at the Lower or Upper Secondary levels. These programmes are instrumental in equipping students with the knowledge and answering techniques to revise thoroughly for the GCE O Level examinations.

Secondary English Tuition

Review your language proficiency by attempting Composition, Situational Writing, Comprehension and Visual Text questions for O Level English.

Lower Secondary Science Tuition

Get a head-start in the study of Science at the Lower Secondary level as you prepare for the next stage to explore Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

Lower Secondary Humanities Tuition

Be inquisitive and confident in expressing your opinions when approaching these Humanities subjects like History and Geography to be ready.

Secondary Math Tuition

Learn how to answer different basic and challenging Math questions based on real world situations through the A and E Math Tuition programmes.

Secondary Chemistry Tuition

Explore different O Level Chemistry concepts in chapters like Experimental Chemistry to answer multiple choice and structured questions effectively.

Secondary Physics Tuition

Learn how to apply your O Level Physics concepts to topical questions like Electricity and Dynamics to be ready for the complexities during examination.

Secondary Biology Tuition

Explore Biology concepts via online video discussion for topics like Respiration in Humans and Biological Molecules.

Secondary Economics Tuition

Be proficient in answering unseen data response questions by applying your knowledge of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics systematically.

JC Tuition Online

Your path to excellence begins here for the A Level.

Lastly, Tampines Tuition Centres features JC tuition programmes to nurture students to reflect and solve different problems effectively. Our exclusive centres have derived exam-driven study methods to make sure that students are confident and competent in managing a garden variety of questions.

GP Tuition

Learn how to answer inferential questions and the application question (AQ) for GP Comprehension by exploring thematic issues through live-streaming.

Economics Tuition

Examine topics like the Theory of Demand and Supply and answer case study and essay questions that are based on industry-specific contexts.

JC Math Tuition

Be familiar with the possible answering approaches to tackle A Level Math questions for topics like Sequence and Series and Functions.

JC Chemistry Tuition

Learn how to answer challenging free response questions for A Level Chemistry chapters like Reaction Kinetics and Chemical Bonding.

JC Physics Tuition

Analyse the Physics concepts and its real world applications based on modified examination questions for topics like Gravitational Field.

JC Biology Tuition

Find out how you can organise your study of A Level Biology chapters like Biological Evolution and apply them to practice questions online.

JC History Tuition

Ace the H1 or H2 History examinations by revising thematic issues like the Emergence of Bipolarity and The United Nations online.

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